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Helping educators get CASH BACK and SAVE MONEY on their teaching materials.

Our Story

When getting out of the classroom to stay home with her children, educator, Chantelle Williams, realized that she had accumulated years worth of teaching materials and supplies that she just couldn't give away.  She had spent way too much of her own personal money on these items and many of them were in great condition.  Preparing to make the change from a 2 income family to just 1 income, she knew there were educators out there who could use these materials and came up with the idea of hosting a small event to help other educators trying to get cash back on their quality materials.  

After the first event, the feedback received showed that these events were filling a need in the teaching community.  Retiring educators, teachers moving to other grade levels/subjects and just about everyone in education have purchased items using their own personal funds, and may no longer need them.  While on the other end of the spectrum there are new educators just coming in to the profession with absolutely nothing to start their careers.  Allowing them the opportunity to purchase new and gently used educational materials at up to 90% off retail prices has helped hundreds of educators save money.  

Our goal is to help educators get CASH BACK and SAVE MONEY on their teaching materials.  We are connecting educators across the community and allowing each one to help one another.  

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