Heart of a Teacher Consignment

Helping educators get CASH BACK and SAVE MONEY on their teaching materials.

What Consignors Need To Know

Register Online

Use this link to register as a consignor and sell your educational materials at our event.  Click Here.  Once you register, you will be on our email list to get helpful hints, tagging tips and other information that will help you get the most cash for your items.  

Click to Register and Sell Your Items

Sort Your Items

Take a look at all your stuff.  Grouping like items together to make a packaged deal will be helpful.  Themed decor, organizational baskets, and other items that can be group together will make things easier as you tag and drop off your items and also ensure that you get big returns when shoppers purchase your items as a set.  Take a look at pictures from our previous events to see how items are organized.


Price and Tag Your Items

In this tagging system, you will enter your items, and choose the price you'd like to sell the items at.  Remember you get to keep up to 80% of the sale price.  You can choose to have your items discounted at 50% off your tag price and/or to be donated at the end of the event.  This is especially great for those items you just want to get rid of and know they are being put to good use.

Click Here to Log In to the Tagging System

Drop Off and Pick Up

Once all of your items are priced and tagged, you will drop everything off during the designated drop off times before the event. Tables will be organized and set up by item, so it's important to have your items sorted before drop off for a smooth process.

Full Schedule

Spread the Word

We will take care of all the marketing to bring shoppers to the sale.  However, it doesn't hurt to advertise more.  Let's get your items sold!  Share the link to our event on your social media pages.  

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Collect Your Money

At the end of the event, you can pick up or donate what does not sell.  Consignors checks will be mailed about a week after the event once all items have been closed out in the system.  

See Pictures From Previous Events

Consignor Registration Fee


Once you have registered in our system and have begun entering your items, you can get your $10 registration fee paid for here at this Event Brite link below.   

Consignor Drop off Times:

Wednesday, Aug. 1:  1-3pm

Thursday, Aug. 2:  9-11am

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